Foxfire Kennels


Marko vom Gluckstag

April 1, 2003 marked the passing of our Marko at the age of 14. He was the son of Alf Stoffelblick and our female Fiona vom Holstentor. While never titled past the Begleithunde, he taught me and a number of beginning helpers what it was to work a good, solid , hard biting dog. We also used him many times to let rank amateurs "take a bite" just for the hell of it.

He also taught a couple of helpers that it is not always safe to drop the sleeve, expecting the dog to carry it around like a toy.

That was, admittedly, a few years ago ..such behavior is no longer considered "acceptable " in some training circles. The opposite is true in our "training circle", however. We still believe that Schutzhund is not for sport only and serves best as a breeding tool when it is not treated as such.

We'll miss Marko, but he had a good , long working life. We'll probably never have another one as good...but then , who knows, we might.

Utz vom Gluckstag

We lost another of our favorite, home bred dogs in 2006. Utzy died of complications from an Pasteurella infection which we believe he contracted from an encounter with a cat. Utz was not your average sleeve dog, he represented what we like most in a dog, fighting spirit and a willingness to bring the fight to any encounter. We miss him terribly especailly on training day. Unlike Marko, he didn't have a chance to live a long life and achieve what he was capable of..he was 4 years old.

I keep these "memorials" on the site because these are probably the last two good dogs Betty and I have had and both were home bred. They may well be the last we will ever have.


We no longer have any club affiliation but continue to train primarily bite work weekly with a few friends. We had a good run of 26 years training "formally" but as we got older, Jim is 71 and Betty 72 we dialed it back. We still very much enjoy working with the dogs. We currently have 9 GSDs, 3 are old like us . We do the bite work with all of them, though, as best they can. We also have 3 rescue bassets that do essentially nothing .



We now are using a varied feeding program using Pro Plan Performance and Adult shredded formula, Native Level Four as well as our own lamb/ rice / egg mixture. We have a number of challenges ranging from old age to sensitive stomach issues. We have tested for the common digestive problems such as pancreatic function and malabsorbtion syndromes and have not been able to identify even an idiopathic problem, so we manage the problems with diet , sometimes successful sometimes not so much.