Foxfire Farms Shearing

We shear any size flock . My limit per day is about 70 depending upon conditions. Our base fee is 6.00 / head. Longer distances require a mileage fee of 50cents/mile. We do have a minimum of $50.

We shear any time of year, cover combs are available for very cold conditions.

I pride myself on being easy on the animals, a minimum of stress, a clean,reasonably skin-cut free job and easy handling of the sheep. I have sheep of my own so I am aware of how important the shearer's attitude towards your animals is.For handspinners special care is take to minimize second cuts, although that is every shearers goal for every sheep and every job. For an additonal fee we can supply a skirting table and take the time to skirt and evaluate the fleece..

I also do problem shearing , namely. animals that have not been shorn for a number of years, are extremely dirty, sick or in some way difficult to shear . Sometimes an extra fee will be added depending upon individual circumstances. I am happy to discuss any situation with any potential client, but do need to be informed ahead of time of potential problems. I try to be as accomodating as possible for the sake of the animals if nothing else.

My gear is thoroughly disinfected with chlorine and nolvosan between jobs. I also disinfect the comb and cutter during a job should an abscess be encountered. If you have special requirements or questions regarding disinfection / sanitation feel free to tell me.

I do not , on a regular basis, do vaccinations, worming or foot trimming while shearing. Stopping to trim feet during shearing disrupts the shearer's "rhythm" and the shearing job suffers. I will, for an additional fee, of course,do these after shearing is done. The owner is welcome to worm and vaccinate the animals as they are shorn, or just before as long as there is no interference with the actual shearing.

The basic requirements at your place are the following.

  1. A clean , dry area of at least 10' x 15". I will bring my own platform, thoroughly disinfected and cleaned before arrival.
  2. The area should be well lit, free of drafts.
  3. Adequate electricity, normally a 110v outlet will do, I can supply heavy duty extension cord, if required.
  4. Enough adult help to handle the fleeces...meaning removal from the board and sweeping.
  5. Small catch pens of some sort so that the animals can be easily caught and taken to the board.
  6. A release area so that animals can easily exit the shearing board

Obviously , there will be differences related to flock size and your current set up. When calling, 607-257-1683 or e mailing Shearingfor an appointment, we can discuss those changes that apply to you.

Once an appointment is made, I will send you a reminder of the time and the basic requirements a couple of days before.

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