Rams in nice sunset light



Foxfire Farms Merinos

The flock was started in 1992 with four sheep purchased from Morehouse Farm in Red Hook, N. Y. Our main focus is on wool production. We try to maintain wool diameter of 20 microns ( 70s spinning count) or less, as well as good color , character and proper length .We increased our flock to a maximum of 85 sheep at maximum .Our present number is 65 reflecting increased feed costs mostly. All of our foundation stock was purchased from Morehouse Farm We did have a crop of 12 lambs this year, 2020 for the first time in 8 years.

Breeding Stock

No breeding stock ready for sale at this time.


No wool available at this time. We are coating as many sheep as possible to keep the wool as clean as possible. We did this for a few last year and were pleased with the results.


Jim had the opportunity to attend a 7 day beginner's shearing school in 1992 taught by Alan Barker, a cetified instructor for the New Zealand Wool Board.He attended four more NZWB schools and attended 8 more advanced schools taught by Doug Rathke, an american shearer approved as instructor for the NZWB. After completing the school he started his own custom shearing business which he continues today. Click image for details .